Jana Knappe

Jana Knappe, Coordination Service Teams


MAX FRANKE manages and supports its projects even after delivering its lights. I coordinate the service teams that work for you out in the field across Europe. We listen to what our customers want to make sure that their lights are correctly positioned before their shop even opens its doors. We also instruct their employees in how to use light for decorative purposes.

We always carry replacement lights and light sources in our service vehicles. We can also take care of minor repairs and handle complaints.

For MAX FRANKE, total customer care doesn’t end with selling our products and services, but includes making sure that they are used correctly on-site.

A summary of the services provided by MAX FRANKE:

  • Positioning lights in the branch after installation

  • Providing shop workers with on-site instruction in how to use light for decorative purposes

  • Delivering additional light sources to headquarters or branches

  • Monitoring and telephone consultation with branches to determine whether lights need to be swapped after customer-specific intervals

  • Swapping light sources for the entire branch